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Sunday, July 7, 2013

AdSmacK offers a unique platform for small businesses

AdSmacK offers a unique platform for small businesses and individuals alike to advertise locally and interactively in an engagingly new Online Classifieds environment.

AdSmacK integrates Gallery Ads with (not so) Traditional Listings Ads to offer a fresh new ad surfing experience. The initiative behind AdSmacK is centered on a shift of control in the ad’s appearance and functionality from system to user to a degree unseen before in Classifieds. As the poster of the ad, you’ll gain the ability to construct personalized visual-based ads that appear prominently in a community’s ad gallery. These Gallery Ads are accompanied by a comprehensive yet easy to use design tool – that will more than adequately allow your creativity to reveal itself! It is essentially like a website offering a banner ad slot and offering tools to design it to go along with it….Oh, and it’s FREE!

Ads stay active for 30 days but come with full management controls such as editing content, controlling ad’s active status, and targeting categories.  Some premium ad options exist such as posting nationwide, or Featured Ads for those looking for a broader reach. The “SmacK-ing”  ads is pretty neat feature that allows you tag ads for future reference and also bumps up the ad poster’s smack count, which in turn builds his/her reputation in the AdSmacK world.

Its fun, easy and aesthetically pleasing.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sell Your Items

Sell Your Items is a online community where the members can post free ads to sell their products and services. The members can post blogs and upload their personal as well as product photos. 

The Sell Your Items community now have about eleven thousands members. The members can do networking with like minded people. There are some groups where people having some common interests can discuss various issues. The members can start their own group too and then can invite the friends to join.

Beside the Classified Ad Categories, the community has many Classified Ad Pages. On the Classified Ad Pages the members can post their ads just a comment. This takes only few seconds to post an ad. The members don't need to create a new ad rather they can post on the most relevant Classified Ad Page.

There are many classified ad categories like: For Sale, Real Estate, Electronics for sale, Cellphone, Car for sale, Furniture, Fashion, Software, Health and Beauty, Books, Kids corner, Household items etc.

There are many groups like: Business Management, Affiliate marketing, Facebook users group, Traffic exchange forum, Classified ad posters, SEO group, Twitter User Group, Backpage User Group and many more.

Join Sell Your Items is free advertising community and promote your business. Go to www.SellUrItem.com website and join now.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Nortad Canadian free classifieds

Nortad Classifieds is Canadian free classified ads posting website for Canada residents to advertise, buy and sell their unwanted, used and pre-owned items.The site is also used for listing home rentals, jobs, used cars
for sale as well as announcing community events. Placed Adverts run for 45, 60, 90 or 365 days and are renewable. Nortad.com is one of the rare free classifieds sites that offers a free link back to your blog, webpage or business website. Small business owners can also add a free business listing.
You can post ads on the site without registration. The submission form as url field where you can include your website if you have one. You are entitled to 1 photo upload and your ads runs for 45 days. Ad posters will get an expiry notification email 7 days before their ads expire. That way they will be able keep the ad live on the site for an indefinite period of time. This is good for seo as your ad page will remain indexed and get aged. Usually, links on short-lived ads do not carry a ranking boost unless they are 3 months and older.
Signing up also has its benefits. There are two types of classifieds accounts:
1- Classifieds Free:
Ads posted under this account last for 60 days renewable and posters can attach up to 7 pictures. In addition, you have the option to make one of your ads permanent. In other words, the ad will last as long as you account lasts (12 months renewable).

1- Classifieds Business:
You can sign up directly for this Canadian business advertising service or upgrade within your free account. Upgrade is FREE.Ads under this acount run for 90 days.
As with other ads, you will get a renewal heads up. And you can prolong (bump) your ad anytime from within your account or from the displayed ad itself.
Another advantage for this account is that you can set up a business listing. See a sample of current listings on our Canadian business directory:
Ad posting service is available across canada provinces form Ontario to British Columbia.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Classified Car Search Engine

It can be time consuming to find the exact car you’re looking for on Craigslist or other classified sites, especially if you want the very best deal in your area or a very specific type of car (Model X with moonroof, manual transmission, and less than 60,000 miles for example). Savvy consumers have generally needed to check multiple cities for a few weeks to make sure they are getting the best deal possible.

Carsabi.com and other classified aggregators are changing this. Carsabi creates an easy to use car search engine where the customer inputs desired car model, price range, and any other options along with location. The engine then returns all cars within the search criteria near the user (or nationally if the distance filter is set high) with links to the original listings. Users can view basic information such as price, mileage, VIN, and transmission along with a few photos for any search result before going to the original car advertisement – many individuals use this feature to quickly get a sense for the national market before trying to find a good deal in their own city.

The site is fairly new, and while it appears to only present Craigslist outside California at the moment it has a clean interface and quick response time – applying new filters immediately changes the returned car listings in a similar fashion to Google Instant. The site also has plans to include optionally search all dealerships nationally in the next few months.

In brief, if you’re trying to find a rare car, save money, or just get to your next automotive purchase as quickly as possible you might give Carsabi.com a visit – its clearly a new entrant into the online automotive space but addresses a significant need in quickly browsing private car listings. A few site screen shots are included below:

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sell Your Stuff Online with 123Exchanges.com

Junk traders, sellers, and lovers, have I got a great piece of news that will delight you! 123exchanges.com is the latest and one of the coolest market place for anyone to sell and buy second hand stuff. Sellers or buyers can take their pick from the various categories available: cars/auto parts, furniture/appliances, clothing/accessories/ jewelleries, electronics/cell phones and much more. Simply put, 123exchanges is a classified advertisement site that connects buyers and sellers through video.

123exchanges works by starting the process of selling or buying in three easy steps. For sellers, you could start selling your second hand stuff on 123exchanges by following their three simple steps: record your product, list the product, and sell the product. By recording your product, it actually means that you’re supposed to make videos that advertise your products. You should also list the product so that it would be easier for buyers to search for it under the categorized list. Failure to do so will result in a lesser number of people who will stumble upon your item.

For buyers, they could respond to any videos they’re interested in by searching for the specific items under the listed categories, watch the videos when they’ve found it, contact the seller immediately, and finally reach an agreement with the seller and do some transaction. A buyer second option is to exchange something else for the product that they’re interested in by contacting the seller about your exchange offer, reach an agreement together, and finally do some exchanging (in this case, ‘exchange’ refers to the process of trading a product for a product between the buyer and the seller upon mutual agreement).

Selling your second hand stuff by using a video online will definitely earn you more buyers and profits. Since people are more lured into something that is visual which they could see with their own eyes, having a video will make people more interested in clicking and viewing the items sold. More successes can be easily achieved with videos, case in point? It’d be YouTube. Also, by advertising your products with videos, you’ll give the potential buyers a better preview of the items. With 123 Exchange video advertising, you’ll save more on time and cost.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Buy Sell Trade on ClassifiedsGiant

If you are one of the enthusiasts seeking an ideal platform for trading purposes, classifiedsgiant.com serves as an able ally, where it is easy to sell and buy items. For the individuals who look to sell,
classifiedsgiant.com offers a splendid platform, where the sellers can advertise their products or service free of cost, and buyers can also find the items they been searching for at this site without any hitch.
The buyers and sellers get connected under one roof, as they also find the trading process a hassle-free experience as when they meet at classifiedsgiant.com.

How can you get benefited from classifiedsgiant.com?

With classifiedsgiant.com, a user can post free classified ads, as they can post unlimited numbers, and most importantly, the user doesn’t get necessitated to register to carry out these activities. Along with the classified ad, the user can add a YouTube video or even twelve images, as the users can exercise complete control as when it comes to their accounts.

For the buyers, navigation is made easy, as it also is searchable nationally and locally, where the site embraces languages in the form of Spanish and English. The site is held as a user-friendly site, as it is also a well organized one. The buyer or a seller doesn’t have to spend long hours, as the self-explanatory nature of the site makes it easy for the traders to accomplish their tasks without any troubles. More than anything, the buyers can find the coveted item they have been looking for, as the negotiation of prices pertaining to the products can also be carried out through this splendid platform.

That’s not all, as classifiedsgiant.com also offers a robust affiliate program, where the consumers can make use of the opportunity to post their aids free of cost, and with every lead pertaining to the free ad post, classifiedsgiant.com offer $ 0.50 per lead. There are commissions offered by the classifiedsgiant.com for a sale as well as for a lead. Also, for referrals related to affiliates, users are paid
commission by this site.

The user can also make use other facilities, as he can go in for the HTML-formatted listings, which can be put to use for customizing the postings. The user can also bring out work-related postings, but will have to spend marginal sums for such postings. With a wide range related to categories made available at classifiedsgiant.com, the buyer can find the product that they plan to buy with ease. Even adoption of animals get carried out through splendorous trading platform, but the users are requested to exercise extreme caution as when it comes to animals.


There are some negatives with regards to this classifiedsgiant.com, as the site gives a cramped look as there are users who feel the need for the simplification of categories, which would make it easier for the users to navigate and find the product that they have been looking for. Optimization of space hasn’t been dealt with in the right way, which at times proves to be a difficult proposition for the traders.

With various facilities that tend to make the trading process easier and various programs that encourage the user to place free ads, classifiedsgiant.com is an ideal platform to carry out trading processes.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

SellOver Classifieds - New Trend For Local Classifieds

SellOver Classifieds is a new trend for free local
classifieds on jobs, wanted ads, services, personals, buying and
selling, housing etc., in the exact location around the world.
SellOver combines images, audio, video and maps to make ads very
interactive. Users can also extend adverts up to 300 days and can add
sample product file attachments to their ads for visitors to download
directly from the advert page.

SellOver Classifieds is a place where people around the world
irrespective of location can post free classifieds ads, buy,
sell, trade, view ads and reply to ads. Main categories include jobs,
personals, buy & sell, services, cars & vehicles, housing and
miscellaneous. SellOver Classifieds is dedicated to providing the best
online advertising to home entrepreneurs and small businesses.

SellOver Classifieds offers its users several options that will
greatly enhance the free classified ads that is placed on the site,
these offers include:
1. Buy or sell goods and services online directly on the ad page.
2. Adding of pictures, video, audio clips and attachments for the
buyers to have a clear preview of the product before paying.
3. Possibility of receiving a direct response to ads directly on the ad page.
4. Ads can be posted to any country, city or location around the world.
5. Ads can be extended up to 300 days at a very cheap rate.
6. Ads are posted immediately after submission and screening for spam.
7. Ads can be easily located with the aid of the advanced search and
the navigation system.
8. There is no requirement for approval before registration and posting of ads.
9. Ads are posted to popular social networks and available on several
search engines immediately after submission, giving users a broader
market at no cost.
10. More importantly SellOver classifieds provides a unique
opportunity for members to increase traffic to their ads and websites
through their personalized pages and RSS feed.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Loqqad - Unique way for free local classifieds

Loqqad.com is a future trend website for free local classifieds on flats/houses, jobs, friends/dating, pets, for sale, community, services and forums in exact locations worldwide, including universities. 

Loqqad has an expanding database with classified ads posted from all around the globe and it enables users to reach them on one page with a simple&unique design.

Compared to other classified websites, Loqqad provides the easiest way on posting your classified ads with many unique differences as below:

- Post even without register
- Post for free in all categories
- Post your any ad up to 3 different locations for free
- Attach picts, docs, pdfs for your ads for free
- Instant display for your ads
- Found in the easiest way by seekers with a unique search mechanism
- Follow the number of views for your ads
- Get rate and comments for your classifed ads
- Hide your contact info and display your followers as a list
- Find your ads in google results with live links in the shortest time
- Get an ad number to reach and make people to reach your ad in the quickest way
- Reach all your posted items with one tab click away
- Let your ads be shared on popular sites like facebook, twitter, delicious, etc.

Of course, the easiest way on seeking classified ads is also provided. Many unique differences for seekers on Loqqad as below :

- Find what you are looking for in any country/location or all around the globe just by typing what you want to find
- List all posted ads in any selected country/location or worldwide without typing anything in search area
- Refine the results with respect to categories after your search
- Comment and rate for the ads
- Order search results with respect to date, title, location, country, view, comments and rates
- List your favorite ads and reach them one tab click away even without register
- Manage the areas of the details, results and categories sections simply using narrows.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Kijiji USA is now eBay Classifieds

Kijiji was the second most popular free online classified ad listing website of the USA. Kijiji was acquired by the auction monster eBay years back. Now eBay willing to use their popular brand name to make their free classified site more popular has changed name of their free classified site. Kijiji USA is now named as eBay Classifieds. Note the incorporation of their brand name eBay into their classified site. Kijiji was a foreign language word which means village. US english speaking people was never familiar with this word. I guess this has made eBay to change the name to a more English familiar name.
eBay is already in legal feud with their mighty rival Craigslist. The main difference between two sites is that craigslist supports HtML ads while eBay Classifieds (formerly kijiji.com) is plain text based. Since the ads are plain text kijiji is much more spam free than craigslist.

The new eBay Classifieds has introduced a nice iPhone app found here http://bit.ly/ebcapp
If You Liked Kijiji, You’re Going to Love eBay Classifieds. It's more family friendly and controls spamming very strictly.

Although kijij is a worldwide network available in some other countries like Canada, Japan, Italy for the time being only Kijiji USA has been changed.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

WorkRiver - the most basic classifieds website

WorkRiver.com is about the most basic classifieds website that one would find online that would still be considered a gem. It does support some advanced options, like keeping all of your information private and allowing you to upload images.
Sell or Buy on WorkRiver free classified website
What is basic about it is that it does not require you to create an account, or log in, etc. It has a basic validation schema and many of the ads are hand processed to stop the spammers. Perhaps the main disadvantage to the site is that the validation process for responding to an ad is not very strong, so a user could potentially receive 100 emails about an advertisment that they posted, and continue to receive more until they delete their ad. This and other features are currently being changed on the site, and it will remain free even after those issues go away. For now, there is always the luxury of creating an ad, and deleting it when you are finished with it. For store advertisers or those who would advertise something that does not need a electronic address, its a perfect venue: You post one advertisment, and it stays up forever. It would not remain on the front page obviously if others keep posting, but it could be searched for by city, category, or other searches. A massive good note about this page is that users can make their ads as long as they want. It does not clutter the search pages, because only a few lines and (optionally) an image shows up, with a link to the full advertisment and options for contacting the ad placer (those options are selected at ad placement).
If you are looking for a place to post an ad in less than five minutes, that is most definitely WorkRiver.com! Try WorkRiver free classifieds now to buy or sell your products or to promote your service.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Buy and sell your used stuff on BuyMyStuff

Most free online classified sites force you to re-post and re-post over and over again. This is not the case with BuyMyStuff.com. The idea here is that you compile your list of items for sale, and post them once. Then, interested buyers can search the entire database using their location and keyword relevance to filter and sort appropriately.

If you are looking to buy used items, you simply enter your country and postal code, and you will be shown a map to confirm your location. If incorrect, you can create an account with your exact address, which will improve the accuracy.

Once your location is selected, all items for sale are sorted and listed based on their distance from you. That way, you can easily decide whether it is worth contacting the seller, based on the distance you would need to travel to pick up the item, or whether is could be sent via post.

This is very different from other online classifieds sites, like Kijiji or Craigslist. Those services require that you post items in one specific top-level category, like furniture, electronics, or merchandise, instead of searching by keyword. They also typically delete your ad after a number of days, requiring you to repost the items frequently. Often people will not bother to repost their merchandise, so it sits in their garage or basement until they finally remember again.

BuyMyStuff.com is unique improvement on the typical classified ads websites, helping connect buyers and sellers faster and easier than the traditional "for sale" sites.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Cladverts.com – Cyprus new age online classifieds

Every one of us has or had thing that he wanted to sell. Every one of us has or had thing that he was or is seeking for. You are not exception as well. Someday we achieve a moment in our life when we want to buy a car. We can visit all car dealers in our town or country but it is very inconvenient because you we will loose too much time in searching for a dream car. The online classifieds will help to save your time, your money and your nerves. Nowadays it is not a secret that online classified website is very convenient source to save your time and to promote your product among millions of potential customers. But what is happening in Cyprus? There are a lot of classified websites which were made for a banner purpose and weren't maintained well. Users are posting their ads, but potential customers do not see them.

Cladverts.com is not another online classifieds website build for taking money from online users. Philosophy of cladverts.com is to provide powerful, flexible, free and maintainable classified ads service for Cypriots, Cyprus residents and for people who are interested in Cyprus. Clasverts.com delivers your ads to the wide range of online users using newest technologies of online marketing and cares about every posted ad and about freshness of information because only fresh information is a target of potential customer.

Image is better than thousands words, it is better to visit and to see Cyprus classifieds in action and remember every newspaper is another killed tree. Beside Cyprus, this site has got popularity in Latvia.

Monday, December 7, 2009

NeedCube is turning the search process upside down

NeedCube is a new startup with a pretty unique approach. Its goal is to serve people's needs. It is focusing on the demand side primarily and not the supply. The concept of the site doesn't match exactly with free classified sites but the ultimate goal is same: meeting sellers with buyers. In that sense it may be called a modified version of online free classifieds with a unique concept.

There are two ways to use NeedCube concept:

"What are you looking for / what do you need?"
NeedCube is a unified place where people can specify all their needs, no matter what the category is. The old concept to use categories is quite annoying because one has to go to many different sites to register and specify one's needs. NeedCube is not using categories at all. NeedCube asks only 5 basic questions: what, when, where, how many, for how much...
This is all one has to answer. NeedCube's proprietary search engine indexes the relevant keywords and makes it easy to find for others. One can add as many needs as one wants.
One can specify any kind of needs, such as: buying a new car, renting a condo, buying a flat, looking for a service like english teaching, or looking for a maid, or finding a new love, etc.
Because there are no categories in here, one can answer the "What?" question with anything and the search engine will index it and can be searched for.

"Find people who need your stuff!"
If one has something to sell, search the NeedCube database with the relevant keyword(s) to see if anyone needs what one has to offer. If there is no match, one can subscribe to keyword notification and get immediate alert as soon as someone registers a new need containing the given keyword(s). This way sellers can be immediately notified about new needs as they arise. People's needs will be found and no more time consuming search activity is neccessary on their side.

No more hassle with categories, no more dozens of registration to different sites serving various categories. NeedCube is the unified place to upload any needs of yours.
Only answer the 5 basic questions and you are all set.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Garage sales, yard sales, estate sales, rummage sale free classifieds

GarageSalesTracker.com is a totally brand new niche classifieds for trade of garages, yards, estates and all sorts of rummages. Right now there are only a few dozens of listings on the site. But the concept is unique for this niche. The design of the site is also nice looking and site navigation is user friendly.

Find, Post, Sell is the saying on a bargain focused classified site called Garage Sales Tracker. They are dedicated to being the number one free place on the internet to find and list garage sales, yard sales, estate sales, or any other form of a rummage sale.

Garage Sale strives where others flop by allowing you to search for any specific item at a sale for any date, and within two miles of a given zip code. As if that weren't enough they also offer turn by turn directions to the sale right on the sale page by embedding it with Google Maps.

If you register with this Yard Sale Website you will have the ability to have the sale already routed from your home to the sale. Also if you want to post a sale it is made easy by automatically setting up all the neccessary fields such as date, time, unlimited description/items, location, pictures and title of the sale. Curently all sales are for the United States but future plans call for an expansion into Canada and Australia.

Other great points about the site are:
  • Largest Directory of Consignment stores
  • Largest Directoy of Flea Markets with turn by turn directions
  • Coupon section to help the bargain hunters save money
  • Blog with tips on saving money, setting up a yard sale, and other helpful advice

Monday, October 26, 2009

WantedWants a classified site dedicated to free wanted ads

WantedWants.com is a user-focused free online classified site dedicated to wanted ads, free advertising and free classified ads around the USA and the world. WantedWants is one of very few classified sites that allows you to post and search hundreds of colleges around America. WantedWants.com is different from other classified sites in three main areas:

1. Dedicated to Wanted Ads.
WantedWants.com is the first site dedicated to Wanted Ads. At WantedWants.com, you post what you want and sellers come to you. Instead of spending hours (and days, months) looking for a desired item or service, you simply post what you want and the sellers contact you.

2. Secure Posting.
Through WantedWants.com's secure posting, the site enables users to freely post items wanted and For Sale without any unwanted spam or solicitation emails.

3. Classified Preview.
WantedWants.com's smart classified layout allows users to preview item descriptions and images without opening each listing- saving users time and effort.

These are three great reasons to give WantedWants a try. Be sure to explore the site and discover the active and open discussion Forums, WantedAlerts, and the ability to Feature your ad. Join thousands of others that use Wantedwants on a daily basis.

WantedWants.com; Want it. Post it. Get it. The site has got popularity in the USA, Indian, Nepal, Pakista and the Philippines. Current alexa ranking is around 150k