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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

WorkRiver - the most basic classifieds website

WorkRiver.com is about the most basic classifieds website that one would find online that would still be considered a gem. It does support some advanced options, like keeping all of your information private and allowing you to upload images.
Sell or Buy on WorkRiver free classified website
What is basic about it is that it does not require you to create an account, or log in, etc. It has a basic validation schema and many of the ads are hand processed to stop the spammers. Perhaps the main disadvantage to the site is that the validation process for responding to an ad is not very strong, so a user could potentially receive 100 emails about an advertisment that they posted, and continue to receive more until they delete their ad. This and other features are currently being changed on the site, and it will remain free even after those issues go away. For now, there is always the luxury of creating an ad, and deleting it when you are finished with it. For store advertisers or those who would advertise something that does not need a electronic address, its a perfect venue: You post one advertisment, and it stays up forever. It would not remain on the front page obviously if others keep posting, but it could be searched for by city, category, or other searches. A massive good note about this page is that users can make their ads as long as they want. It does not clutter the search pages, because only a few lines and (optionally) an image shows up, with a link to the full advertisment and options for contacting the ad placer (those options are selected at ad placement).
If you are looking for a place to post an ad in less than five minutes, that is most definitely WorkRiver.com! Try WorkRiver free classifieds now to buy or sell your products or to promote your service.


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James said...

Hi, must say that your reviews are pretty spot on.
Have just launched a classifieds site which I hope you can consider reviewing too (www.fullofthings.com)

It is extremely new so obviously traffic is not there yet, but an honest opinion on the functionality and overall 'user friendly-ness' would be appreciated.