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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Buy and sell your used stuff on BuyMyStuff

Most free online classified sites force you to re-post and re-post over and over again. This is not the case with BuyMyStuff.com. The idea here is that you compile your list of items for sale, and post them once. Then, interested buyers can search the entire database using their location and keyword relevance to filter and sort appropriately.

If you are looking to buy used items, you simply enter your country and postal code, and you will be shown a map to confirm your location. If incorrect, you can create an account with your exact address, which will improve the accuracy.

Once your location is selected, all items for sale are sorted and listed based on their distance from you. That way, you can easily decide whether it is worth contacting the seller, based on the distance you would need to travel to pick up the item, or whether is could be sent via post.

This is very different from other online classifieds sites, like Kijiji or Craigslist. Those services require that you post items in one specific top-level category, like furniture, electronics, or merchandise, instead of searching by keyword. They also typically delete your ad after a number of days, requiring you to repost the items frequently. Often people will not bother to repost their merchandise, so it sits in their garage or basement until they finally remember again.

BuyMyStuff.com is unique improvement on the typical classified ads websites, helping connect buyers and sellers faster and easier than the traditional "for sale" sites.


Taoufik said...

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lisa said...

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Anonymous said...

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